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Yuan Sanbo

An extra special annex for that extra special occasion.

Yuan Sanbo The Yuan Sanbo Annex which was added to our main restaurant, Meiji-no-Yakata, is an extra special "hideaway" restaurant where our customers can taste and experience the best of the best.
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by beautiful flowers and the peaceful sound of a gently flowing stream. Our demi-glace sauce is prepared over 3 weeks, abundantly using only the best ingredients. Western style meals of the highest of quality are prepared with even more time and effort. Surrounded by beautiful tableware in an elegant setting, your visit here will sure to be memorable. Forget the time and enjoy the moment at the Yuan Sanbo Annex.
Yuan Sanbo was registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2006.
  • Yuan Sanbo ,beautiful tableware in an elegant setting
  • Yuan Sanbo Main Hall
  • Hamburger. Our demi-glace sauce is prepared over 3 weeks.