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Fully enjoy and experience the best of the best in a beautiful atmosphere.

The highest quality ingredients are abundantly used and our Western style dishes are prepared with even more time and effort in order to serve you the best of the best.
The rich flavors and beautiful atmosphere that you will experience here cannot be found anywhere else.
The French Kaiseki dishes produced by Chef Fujimoto are also available at Yuan Sanbo by reservation. menu and price
"The mission of a chef specializing in Western style dishes is not to seek out the most expensive ingredients but to spend the extra time and extra effort to create the most outstanding dishes."
Minoru Yamamoto, Executive Chef

Minoru Yamamoto, Executive Chef

1948Born in Nikko City
1967Graduated from Nikko High School. Joined Kanaya Hotel
1971Joined Nikko Lakeside Hotel
1977Joined Nikko Sougyou Co., Ltd. Head chef, Meiji-no-Yakata
1979Studied Shojin cuisine under Soken Shishikura, head of Yojo-Shinryu
1985Director, Executive Chef
2003President, Tochigi Branch, All Japan Chefs Association
2004Received the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare Award

French Kaiseki meal eaten with chopsticks