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Site Policy

● Copyrights All rights to content including text, photos and illustrations on this website belongs to the Nikko Sougyou Corporation (referred to as "our Company" herein). The usage and/or private copying of any of these contents beyond what is generally permitted by law is strictly prohibited. As per the Copyright Act and related laws, it is also prohibited to reproduce, alter, reprint, sell and/or publish any of these contents without permission from our Company.
● Trademarks All rights to trademarks, logos and trade names on our website belong to our Company. It is prohibited to use them without our approval except when allowed by trademark laws or other related laws.
● Exemptions The website structure, conditions of usage, URL and the contents of our website maybe modified and/or deleted without notice. Although we manage the contents and the system environment of our website carefully, we cannot guarantee the full reliability and safety of the website and the risk of using this website is the responsibility of the user. We also confirm that we are not responsible for any damages caused by usage of our website.

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

Nikko Sougyou Corporation sets a privacy policy as follows and promotes protection of personal information.
● Collection of personal information When a customer makes an inquiry, we collect personal information including email addresses, names and so forth. In addition, when a customer accesses our website, we collect IP addresses, cookies, and the pages accessed by the customers so as to improve the contents and accessibility of our website.
● Usage of personal information The personal information collected is used only to contact a customer in order to provide the information requested about our services and to answer his/her questions. When they are used for other purposes, we will specifically explain those purposes in advance. We do not use personal information for any other purposes without a customer's approval except for information already available to the public.
● Management of personal information In order to keep the customer's personal information accurate and updated, and to protect the information from hacking, loss, damage, falsification or leaks, we strictly take necessary measures including proper maintenance of our security system, improvement of our management organization, and committed employee training.
● Prohibition of disclosure of personal information to a third party We manage a customer's personal information properly and do not disclose the information to third parties except in the following cases: * When the customer agrees * When it is necessary to provide the information to our contractor to provide a service requested by the customer. * When we have a business justification. * When we are ordered by law.
● This site policy may be revised to reflect changes to related laws and/or business environment.


Please contact us at the following address if you have any questions regarding policies with respect to our Company's handling of personal information.

Company name: Nikko Sougyou Co., Ltd.
Address: 321-1431 2339-1, Sannai, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Phone: 0288-53-3751
Fax: 0288-53-3752