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Classic Western style dishes born from the Meiji era.

Hamburger steak, rice omelet, and hashed beef rice.
Everyday home-cooked meals that are familiar in Japan become extra special dishes when prepared by our chefs at Meiji-no-Yakata.
We insist on adding special local ingredients from Tochigi such as "Yuba" (dried bean curd) and "Kampyo" (dried gourd shavings) to create a unique dish that is outstanding in taste.
We welcome you to come and savor the creations of our skilled master chefs. menu and price
"The mission of a chef specializing in Western style dishes is not to seek out the most expensive ingredients but to spend the extra time and extra effort to create the most outstanding dishes."
Minoru Yamamoto, Executive Chef

Minoru Yamamoto, Executive Chef

1948Born in Nikko City
1967Graduated from Nikko High School. Joined Kanaya Hotel
1971Joined Nikko Lakeside Hotel
1977Joined Nikko Sougyou Co., Ltd. Head chef, Meiji-no-Yakata
1979Studied Shojin cuisine under Soken Shishikura, head of Yojo-Shinryu
1985Director, Executive Chef
2003President, Tochigi Branch, All Japan Chefs Association
2004Received the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare Award